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It has come to our attention that some advertisers are running intrusive advertisements using Windows Messenger popup boxes.

At first glance these ads look like any other warning or informational message that may popup on your PC, but in reality they are intended to trick the user into purchasing, downloading or installing unneeded goods. They can popup even when you’re not running any web, email or instant messaging program, which makes them increasingly difficult to spot.
What is the difference between Windows Messenger Popup ads and normal popup ads?
The main difference is that Windows Messenger popups are controlled by your operating system whereas normal popups are controlled by your web browser. The companies that are sending you Windows Messenger popups are exploiting a service provided in Windows NT, 2000 and XP that was designed to allow system administrators to send messages to users. For example, this message box may be used by your printer to inform you of the status of a print job. But the problem is that anybody can pop up these windows without authentication.

Please note, this has nothing to do with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or any other instant messaging program.

How can I get rid of these deceitful ads?
At Winferno Software we are especially opposed to this kind of intrusive marketing and have created StopMess, a simple to use download that blocks these ads with one click. Our concern about this latest form of SPAM (Windows Messenger Service popups) led us to develop additional software to prevent users like you from being tricked or hassled. Best of all, we’re offering this download Free of charge. (Limited time only)

Do you want to block ALL Popup ads?
Every copy of Secure IE comes with a single click Popup Blocker. This feature is provided via a conveniently located button at the top of the Secure IE screen and allows the user to block popups with one click! This is an original feature and has been included in every version of Secure IE.

Ok, I love the Popup Blocking feature, but what else does Secure IE 2003 offer?

  • Protect your browser from unwanted hacker attacks

  • Intercept malicious file downloads

  • Browse up to 5x faster

  • Use Sticky Notes and a highlighter to mark-up web pages

  • Browse dozens of websites simultaneously with the tabbed interface

Secure IE protects your computer at the main point of external contact - your web browser. It tightly restricts what websites can and cannot do to you and closes an important potential security hole by specifically addressing malicious behavior from websites.

This program offers both manual (one click configuration) and advanced (allows the user to customize) settings. No matter what your technical know-how level is, everyone can benefit from added protection in just 3 minutes!
Download StopMess
StopMess is an innovative application that will block Windows Messenger Popup ads from your PC. For a limited time only, this download is FREE.

Minimum Requirements: Windows NT, 2000 and XP
Download Secure IE 2003 and StopMess
This comprehensive internet security solution will stop both Windows Messenger Popup ads and website popup ads in one click! Plus you’ll get additional features such as sticky notes, a highlighter and a tabbed interface. But best of all, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that only the additional security in Secure IE can provide.
For a limited time, we’re offering Secure IE 2003 (includes StopMess functionality) for the special price of $29.95 - that’s a savings of $10!

Minimum Requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

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