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Secure IE New Version!
Secure IE 2004™

Stop Hackers in Their Tracks!
Seal potential security leaks and prevent hackers from attacking your PC. Features many essential one click security tools for optimum protection.
Save $10 Only $29.95!
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researchdesk2005 Research-Desk Professional 2005™
Just released! The World's First Professional Web Browser
Increase productivity when you can browse multiple web pages at once, markup web pages with sticky notes and a highlighter, and save complete web pages for future reference.
Save $20 Only $79.95!
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SnapZip SnapZip
Zip and Un-zip in just minutes!
With SnapZip, an easy to use Zip program, you can zip, un-zip and email in one click!
Save $10 Only 29.95!
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McAfee Firewall Plus McAfee Personal Firewall Plus 2005
Protect your PC!
See when someone is trying to break into your system. Then track and report hacker activity.
Save $10 Only $29.95!
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McAfee Spamkiller McAfee SpamKiller 2005
It's the best reply to spam!
This automatic junk email blocker uses Scam Filters, One-Click Block and powerful email filtering to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox. Even self-learns to stop future spam.
Save $20 Only $29.95!
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McAfee VirusScan McAfee VirusScan 9.0 (2005)
Stop Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and More
Keep your PC safe. Automatically checks for virus updates, so your protection stays up-to-date.
Save $20 Only $39.95!
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Tax Cut Premium TaxCut Premium by H&R Block
Your taxes, made easy.
Easily complete both your Federal and State returns, and use other great features to help with investment and rental income, home ownership and sales, and retirement planning.
Only $39.95!
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Check out our Comprehensive Suites!
Save a Bundle - Buy 2 or More Products and Save!
Secure IE 2004™ & Private IE 2004™
Get the Security You Need and The Prvacy You Deserve.
Save $20 Only $39.90!
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Secure IE 2004™ & McAfee Antispyware
Eliminate malicious applications before they can steal your identity.
Save $30 Only $49.95!
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Secure IE 2004™, Private IE 2004™ & Rapid IE 2004™
Get the Security You Need, the Prvacy You Deserve, and the Speed You Crave!
Save $50 Only $49.95!
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Secure IE 2004™, Private IE 2004™ & McAfee VirusScan 8.0 (2004)
Arm yourself with the best defense against hackers, identity thieves, viruses and more!
Save $50 Only $69.89!
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